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The Brother Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi speech [06.10.2011.] Al Raai TV

القذافي يدعو الشعب الليبي للخروج في مظاهرات لإسقاط المجلس الانتقالي-->

Bani Walled and Surt and Warshfana tribe and Nawhi 4 tribes armed well and they will never be defeated honorable people can not be subjected
All the people in LIBYA and true libyans can not be agreed with the invasions and colonization.

Day 202: 06. october 2011. Libya news
23h/ DO YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN INDICTMENT OF NATO CRIMINALS?     "I would greatly appreciate the contact of lawyers in Libya who wish to participate in my indictment of NATO and its leaders for war crimes there.Please spread the word, contact            " ->
22h/ Part of Speech – The Brother Leader Moammar Al Gaddafi
The Brother Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi speech [06.10.2011.] Al Raai TV  - >

22h/ Behnghazi Update [108morris108] - >
21h/ Tripoli Update [ 108morris 108] - >
21h/Very important please note:
After a speech the supreme commander of the insurgent forces Libyan announcement down the street and set up rallies in protest against the war to curse the line of the marches:
First, coordination is very important with the youth of the neighborhood or the region to establish this process in an organized lobby groups united and not scattered over the pressure on the Council of shame
Second, the means of the expression of anger does not carry a weapon, not even knife does not stick I carry green flag written on it, Allah Akbar and Barrack all the loud voice phrases and a national anti-war and traitors, murder, theft, and if necessary, slept in the street Ansaboa tents in any field and declared the case of civil disobedience
Third: Create a field hospital for the owners of the demonstration to be effective and has a link with medical organizations
Fourth, that there is Tdethein mastered all the concepts of policy
V: If, God forbid, been shot or forced to differentiate their actions filmed and sent them to all the media, especially Al-Rai
God bless,,,, and under God and save
by: Rami Samir
20h/ اسكندر بيك - Breaking News - Our People in Sebha Marching with Green flags After They Heard Gaddafi Speech
19h/ The Broder Leader fo the Revolution Muammar Al  Gaddafi speaking now
19h/ Green resistance made attack on Checkpoints in Benghazi and also attacked Hotel controlled by rebels
ArraiTV confirms that Sabha Green resistance has shoot down a Transport plane with 200 rebels in middle of desert.
Green resistance from Baniwalid and Sabha other areas of libya are making their way to Sirte.
18h/Please if you can .. you can dowload every video from Blog LibyaSOS and copy  article  - If THEY delete this blog .. we can be sure that Truth is not deleted.
17h/  Breaking News Libya : Sirte- rebels made massive retreat after facing very heavy fighting. green resistance fought rebels out of city.

17h/ Libya NEWS FROM FRONT (p.s. big trouble with internet today- libyasos) Libyan major oil pipelines, refiners and major oil fields

While the city of Ghadames, Tiji, Badr Al Harush, Kufra, Tobruk, Albayda, Derna, Al Marrl, Al Biar, Al Brega, Ras Lanuf, Sirte, Beni Walit, comprising most of the oil wells are in the Libyan hands of loyalists, we finally understands why the blackout of the Western media is becoming more effective.
The entry into the war and the Tuareg tribes of Algeria
Benghazi: there is more than the city center that remains in the hands of renegades. Many civilians are now refusing to follow the recommendations of the CNT and hoist the green flag.
Tripoli: heavy fighting between loyalists and renegade took place in Tripoli. The military leader of Tripoli, the Islamist Beladj have fled the town after threatening members of the CNT which he refuses to take orders.
Algerian Tribes have entered into a pact with tribal leaders in a Libyan statement entitled "The War for the Liberation of North Africa" ​​in a western media silence ... This is the birth of the North African front against NATO.
Heavy fighting was reported yesterday in Ghadames, one of their strongholds Touaregs that NATO bombing has avoided for fear that things will not escalate in the border areas with Algeria and Tunisia.
Derna is completely free since this morning. There is a single rogue in the city. They suffered heavy losses in men and material.
Al-Baida: heavy fighting is continuing in the city with nearly 50% of the city taken over by the legitimate authorities of Libya. [by Allain  Jules] - >
16h/ YouTube Channel VMRSK is deleted  - > This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.NATO attack on Libya Beyond Genocide Libya - Channel VSMRK DELETED by YouTube has been terminated ->
16h/ Al Arabia TV  - Sirte : reporter admits "rebels have made massive retreat. they cant hold on to anything. very heavy defensive in city"
15h/ Resistencia Libia  - Tropas insurgentes libias y la OTAN recurrieron nuevamente hoy a ardides de desinformación para justificar el estancamiento de su ofensiva en Sirte, pese a tres semanas de ataques indiscriminados contra leales a Muamar El Gadafi. Reportes procedentes de la ciudad con costas al Mediterráneo, situada unos 360 kilómetros al este de Trípoli, indicaron que siguen los disparos de artillería pesada de los sublevados y los bombardeos aéreos de la Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte (OTAN). - >
14h/ Gadhafi May Be Hard To Find, But Not His Supporters - "I am a Gadhafi loyalist. I want Moammar. Some people are afraid to speak out, but I'm not," he says. "All I've known is Gadhafi. And I felt secure back then. There are many of us who feel the same way, but we are afraid to speak out because we might get beaten or shot." -->
14h/ Libya: NATO -led bandits, vandals and killlers now aka revolutionary fighters  Loot, Burn Homes In Sirte  - > ABU HADI, Libya — After capturing this hamlet, a center for Moammar Gadhafi's tribe, revolutionary fighters have gone on a vengeance spree, looting and burning homes and making off with gold, furniture and even automobiles. - >
13h/ ->Libya  - Bandits, vandals and killlers now aka revolutionary fighters  Loot, Burn Homes In Sirte 
13h/ (Reuters) - Sirte residents turn anger on Libya's new rulers - Many residents of Sirte, Muammar Gaddafi's birth-place, blame Libya's new rulers and their Western allies for the death and destruction unleashed on their city by weeks of fighting. ->
12h/ Now lets make a comment of Seann Penn visit to Libya and Egypt.
We will just copy paste from wikipedia nothing more. please read.
"Penn was born in Los Angeles County, California,[1] the middle son of actor and director Leo Penn and actress Eileen Ryan (née Annucci). His older brother is musician Michael Penn. His younger brother, actor Chris Penn, died in 2006. His paternal grandparents were Jewish emigrants from Lithuania and Russia" [ DO YOU STILL USE BRAINWASHING  BY HOLLYWOOD?!?]
After this no wonder why this person was recruited by his fellow Zionists to give some publicity to the area and to speak about the Zionist preferences for the future of these countries. [ STOP THE WAR IN LIBYA. WE DEMAND IT] 
 Over 25,000 NATO Sorties, 9,000 Combat Sorties
11h/ Military governor of Tripoli al Qaeeda cheef , Abdelhakim Bel Hadj was shot
According to the website of Libyan resistance Zengtena, military governor of Tripoli, Abdelhakim Bel Hadj was shot near the Clan Ittihad Tripoli, when he was with some armed men from the tribe Alzentan. He was taken to hospital in Meytka.
According to the rebels, he was going to transport to a hospital in Italy -->
10h/ Russian Foreign Minister Accuses NATO Of Increasing Libyan Casualties
MOSCOW: “We don’t accept the claims from NATO that the bloc’s intervention saved lots of lives. This is an attempt at wishful thinking,” the top Russian diplomat said. -- >
09h/ Sirte: Hospital Repeatedly Hit By NATO Bombardments - Rome: The hospital in Sirte has been repeatedly hit during NATO and NTC forces bombardment, the International Red Cross informed the Catholic Missionary Agency, Misna. “The humanitarian situation is dramatic,” said Steven Anderson, who coordinated a Red Cross mission to Sirte on Monday, “parts of the hospital have been blackened by explosions and hit by bullets.”  - >
08h/ NATO To Continue Bombing Libya: French Defense Minister -NATO’s bombing campaign in Libya, now in its seventh month, will continue despite the collapse of Moammar Gadhafi’s regime, French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet stated today. - >
07h/ Rasmussen: NATO Ready To Build Libyan Proxy Armed Forces - Rasmussen said although defense ministers hailed the Libya mission operation as “a great success,” they discussed lessons that the alliance should draw from it.
The operation also showed we lack certain critical capabilities, especially in Europe,” he stressed. - >
02h/ 'And we received confirmed news from the destinations of the Emir of al-Qaeda Hakim Belhadj was shot by Alzentan near the Union Club was to resuscitate him Mattabgah Hospital will be transferred to a European hospitals is likely Italy [Allibiya TV - Channel Libyan Tripoli ]

NATO bombs a hospital in Sirte in the name of protecting civilians


07/oct/11 According to new reports NATO has bombed a hospital in Sirte in the name of protecting civilians. Nothing is safe in the town, everything is a target, anything the moves is killed. NATO has shown its true terrorist characteristics, and no amount of propaganda can change that. Red Cross employees finally break the silence and admit that NATO is not protecting civilians, instead in most occasions targeting civilia...

Are NATO Mercenaries literally crazy?


07/oct/11 NATO Mercenaries claim that there are only 400 civilians in Sirte after failing in their latest assault. An insane claim to make considering Sirte had a population of 100,000. Are they planning to speed up the genocide in the town and kill all its occupants? What other motive could they have for such a blunt lie other than genocide, with complete world silen...

NTC gangs admit that their offensive in Sirte is once again held up


07/oct/11 Reuters reports that the rebel progress in "final offensive" in Sirte was seriously bogged down: "forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi held back Libyan government forces trying to take the former leader's hometown on Thursday, making predictions of a quick end to the battle look optimistic" says Reuters "(NTC bandits) did not appear to have progressed any further into the centre of Sirte than they had been 24 hours earlier." Reuters "we are going to take a lot of casualties" - says one of the NTC militiants This indirectly proves that rebels where let into the town on purpose and their...

NATO Mercenaries blown up in southern Sirte and UPDATES


05/oct/11 Sirte According to new reports Libyans lured NATO Mercenaries towards a roadside bomb by raising a white flag, destroying three Mercenary vehicles and its occupants in the trap. Fighting continues in Southern Sirte. Bani Walid Libyans in Bani Walid are attacking NATO check points in North Eastern Roads which leads to Sirte. Zuara Intense fighting has also been reported in the coastal town of Zuara. Most NATO Mercenaries have left the town of Zuara to attack Sirte, making the town easier to liberate by Libyan people. Libya's largest oil field refinery has been destroyed by the Libyan...

US corporate regime allows Banks to use the SWAT team against Americans


06/oct/11 SWAT teams are being deployed to protect banks across US, blocking some people from entering and withdrawing their hard earned money. This shows that the US regime and the corporations fear the Occupy Wall Street protests, the presence of SWAT team outside banks is evidence of that fear. They fear a similar revolution to Egypt where protesters occupied the Tahrir square for months, until the government collapsed and the head of the regime is being prosecuted as we speak. Banksters, corporations and the head of the corporate regime fears a similar conclusion to Occupy Wall Street...

Hundreds of critically wounded NATO Mercenaries evacuated from southern Sirte


05/oct/11 Latest reports show that hundreds of NATO Mercenaries are being evacuated by Ambulances from southern Sirte as they faced a devastating trap. The number of dead and injured is yet unclear because fighting continues, ambulances continue going in and out of front lines, picking injured NATO Mercenaries. Libyan Jamahariya Government has allowed Ambulances to take the dead and critically injured because Sirte hospitals are over crowded, over loaded and running out of necessiti...

Nato navy near Libya shrinking


If You compare with, You can notice that there are only 11 ships left patroling Libyan waters, while 2 days ago there were 12. A report from a 4th september shows that there were 15 ships back then. No information has been published on which country has decided to take back their ships, there were opinions that some of those might have been lost to the Libyan army. Meanwhile rebels are trying their last chance in capturing Sirte - in 2 days NATO leaders are...

LibyanFreePress Libyan War News: October 6, 2011

BREAKING NEWS, October 6, 2011

Sirte is controlling Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers.
Sirte. In east front NATO-mercenaries made a small attack and were defeated 13 NATO-mercenaries died 2 tanks destroyed and NATO-mercenaries retreated.

West front: 4 tanks of rats destroyed many NATO-mercenaries dead, fight ongoing.100 per cent confirmed news.The mother of all battles for Libya has started.
Sirte: battle has started last night around 2 am gmt.  NATO-mercenaries that innitially had the cover of nato have faced many complicated traps by the libyan army. Seems in South front they are defeated, and now the battle is West of Sirte. When we have reliable updates we will come back with more detailed news. The steadfast of Sirte and the courageous tribes will suprize the world.

NATO-mercenaries were attacked with heavy weapons in Zwara.

From Alhmedat and La Nwyel and Safeyat. huge fight ongoing there now.

A courageous Werfalla in Sirte has blew himself up among the ranks of NATO-mercenaries: dozens of them died.

Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds controlling towns:
Sirte,Bani-Walid, Gadames, Tiji, Bar Al-Harush, Kufra, Tobruk, Al Baydam, Dermam, Al-Marld, Al-Biar, Al-Brega, Ras Lanuf, all oil wells and all South of Libya.

Today teams of our people that where undercover raised the flag of NATO-mercenaries and attacked teams of NATO-mercenaries this resulted to a mess for the ranks of NATO-mercenaries because they didnt know who
is who. Many NATO-mercenaries run and fled.
A team of Liberals have attacked the house of the NATO-mercenarie Abdelhakim Belhadj ( we still cant know if he is dead or alive ). Another team is on the hunt of Mahmoud Jibril and many other teams are in the hunt of cooperators and members of NTC.
Situation in Tripoli unclear now. We will update later when we get more info.

Bani Walid.
A big division of Al Zintan mislead people have come and joined the honourable tribes of Libya to defent from the NATO-mercenaries and the Nato colonialist. May they be the example that will show the road to other mislead Libyan people.Those people also brought usefull information and swore that they will be the first to enter tripoli and clean it from their former allies the NATO-mercenaries.

Mountain West.
Volunteers of the tribes are attacking NATO-mercenaries in the night every night causing losses. Yesterday night they used missiles to bomb soem strategig places of NATO-mercenaries.

Moujaheeds were destroyed the largest oilfield of Libya the Elephant in order not to fall in the hands of italian NATO-mercenaries. ( we will rebuilt it when we oust the NATO-mercenaries. )



Libyan War News: October 4, 2011

They are in Libya in fight.

Libyan War News: October 5, 2011


Sirte is controlling Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers. NATO-mercenaries are desperate to call mission over as fighting spreads across Libya and Media-war is being lost.

Resistance is growing in all areas of Libya. Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers went trough tunnels and captured 10 NATO-mercenaries and 20 died at outskirts of Sirte.

NATO-mercenaries have been trapped in low residential area. Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers were firing from higher area. Green Resistance has surrounded NATO-mercenaries brigade there and killed 1 commander and 50 rebels.

Sheik of Sirte said :“Urged red cross or other humanitarian organizations to contact civilian city”, and in the mean time Red cross is supplying “rebels”.
NATO-mercenaries lost hundreds to reach a hotel in Sirte, but hotel was quickly retaken by Green resistance after NATO bombing.
NATO-mercenaries are now at outskirt areas of Sirte and were entered in small part of Abu Hadi and Sabalibya: both are a death trap for NATO-mercenaries.

On the East of Libya the city of Baydah has made tribal meeting and has officially rejected the NATO-mercenaries renegades as “corrupt”.

Sabha and Bani Walid have 100% upperhand over all NATO-mercenaries “rebels”. The real battle left now is in outskirts of Sirte.

Big fighting in Tripoli just going trough subjects actually right now.
At Alsreem, Dahra and Bab al Aziziyah hard fight. In market Al Tulatha 8 NATO-mercenaries died and, from hotel Corinthia, Bab Africa NATO-mercenaries were fled to Bengazi.

In Tripoli, Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers have captured a Weapons Warehouse, including 30 armored Cars with heavy guns.

 Fonts: Ja-za-kaddafi.livejournalЗА КАДДАФИ

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October 4, 2011

Libya Liberal Youth: reports from the front lines

In area between Bani Walid and Tojoura, 35 cars of Nato-mercenaries zintani where exploded by explosive devices that the touaregs have planted unter theyr nose. Unknown number of victims.

In Tarhouna a part of Khamis brigade did a raid that resulted to the death of 4 platoons of Nato-mercenaries, we withdrew right after. A platoon is a military unit typically composed of two to four sections or squads and containing 16 to 50 soldiers. (4 x 50=200)

Tripoli , 8 Nato-mercenaries check points where demolished by snipers, 32 Nato-mercenaries dead under the cover of night and the quiet of silencers. Note that it was the first time after 2 weeks the Nato-mercenaries deployed checkpoints.

Libyan Army and Libyan moujaheeds were shoot down Nato-mercenaries transport airplane IL-76 (Israel-76?..). It was shooted by Russian anti-aircraf rocket missile “Needle”, north of Sabha.
200 Nato-mercenaries were killed. They were going for landing in Tripoli.

No martyrdom in these occasions from Libyan Army and moujaheeds side.

Libya Liberal Youth to publish the facts for Libya tomorrow 

STCOM – La voix des opprimés

In accordance with the opinion of the mujaidines and the leaders of all the regions of Libya he has remembered to add the slogan “Allah is big” to the national green flag and that the provisional capital of the country should be Beni Walid up to the liberation of Tripoli with the consequent expulsion of the forces of the NATO and its assistants of the AlQaeda and “CNT” that have occupied it. name=News&file=article&sid=6228 



“According to latest reports NATO Mercenaries have entered Sirte city from the South, but are surrounded by Libyan Snipers causing heavy casualties. NATO forces can’t retreat from their positions because they would be exposed to Libyan snipers.

At least hundred to two hundred NATO Mercenaries are trapped inside the city, no reinforcements have arrived yet. They are running out of supplies and asking for intensification of NATO terror operations.

It is yet unclear why NATO has not sent in reinforcements, maybe they are preoccupied in the East, and intense clashes in Tripoli districts”.


SomaliaSupport2: Libya

SomaliaSupport2 -  Massive battle in Tripoli at Alsreem and Dahra. Also big fights continue at Bab al Aziziyah. Nato-mercenaries report hospitals cant handle injured Nato-mercenaries .

SomaliaSupport2 – Caller from Inside Tripoli says “Don’t listen to reports from MEDIA:  the Nato-mercenaries don’t control anything, but just Drive in convoys on main roads”

SomaliaSupport2 - From Sirte: the Nato-mercenaries were Defeated at Outskirts and never made it. MEDIA was making massive spin due to heavy losses

SomaliaSupport2 – Confirmed by MEDIA: Rebels are Defeated. ALSO sources from within SIRTE stated Rebels were defeated and many weapons captured on EAST Sirte.!/SomaliaSupport2

Disclaimer: all the news that we publish  are from public sources online (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs & Website) or by email.                              Tutte le notizie che pubblichiamo provengono da fonti pubbliche on line (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blog e sito web) o tramite e-mail.


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