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#LIBIASOS: Latest #government report #Libya (10/09/2011) [AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION FROM SPANISH] #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector #NATOfail #RebelFail]

Latest government report Libya (10/09/2011): These "rebels" now have 2 options - surrender or seek to be sacrificed. NATO has failed and must surrender .... We expect a global trial and conviction for crimes against humanity

(Note: ATTENTION: This is an automatic Translation. My Exuses for any errors)

- The Libyan army in Sirte, removes murderers of NATO battalion "The martyrs of February 17 Benghazi", which consists of 300 murderers trained and armed by NATO: Bad news for NATO and good for the Libyan people in struggle for national independence and social revolution: information indicates that the famous "battalion" "Martyrs of the February 17" consisting of 300 terrorists have been fully discharged by the advocates of Sirte. "Battalion" more media than real. The information is not clear whether the liquidation of the "battalion" was due to the liquidation of all their commanders or a number of its members, the capture or escape of the rest. The truth is that the cannon fodder Libyan NATO is running on the fronts of war and NATO will be forced to move soon mercenaries and terrorists who speak Arabic from around the world: perhaps Saudi police, Iraqi Kurdish terrorists , Shiite death squads linked to Iran, Salafi, people from Al Qaeda .... Perhaps Israel Hezbollah Lebanese request to send more soldiers to reinforce the few lines of rats.

In Sirte Sirte fighting continues but does not bend despite hundreds of bombings. On the contrary, since the disproportion of the forces is very unequal, we must recognize that the Libyan resistance is of great pride, now an opposition military leader Abdel-Basit identified as Haroun confirmed that today's balance sheet is 560 "rebels "More than 900 killed and wounded.
They report that the University of Sirte rat has been released "rebels" for its heroic defenders, carefully planned ambush operation launched by the Libyan Army fighters and armed volunteers has managed to rid the campus of traitors who have left behind him numerous bodies of their accomplices.

The stubborn resistance of the pro-Gaddafi, with effective artillery and snipers, has deprived the rebels to gain control of a neighborhood in the center of Sirte and a strategic road yet to dominate a large area of eastern the city. Today we can say that the alleged "final assault" at Sirte by NATO has failed ...

- The spokesman of the rats "rebels" of the CNT / NATO, Ahmed Bani resigned, as has transcended resigned after a dispute with the pseudo Jalal Aldogil minister who denied attending a meeting with Minister of Defence and Italian.

- Bani Walid: Libyan resistance to 15 rats sacrificed "rebels" and approximately 35 wounded. Even armed pickup trucks destroyed.

- Zinta, Al Gobball and Surman: Libyan Western Elderly; Zinta, Al Gobball and Surman so far maintained a neutral or favorable to the NTC have been weary of chaos and disaster that society have led to bands of rats and Amazigh (Berber) traitors and have decided to call the tribes to the resistance against them. They express their desire to return to the social organization of the Libyan and regret not having stood up today. It is a significant blow to NATO's attempt to consolidate a pro-imperialist regime in the region as a tribal society in the opinion of respected elders is the ultimate expression of authority and legitimacy.

- In Wadi Shati the population is armed and waiting for the renegades who have promised to enter the city today.

- In Sabha Libyan forces have repulsed the renegades out of town. They have announced an extensive offensive tomorrow as negotiations with the heads of the tribes failed.

- In Ghat have warned residents of Benghazi renegades not come to destroy your city.

- In Ubari reported that there are currently fighting in the city that started this morning.

- The return of Dr. Hamza Touhami in Syria, Al Rai TV - tonight's meeting: According to the Director General of Syrian TV, Meshael Jabouri, who announced great news, keep you well, the television journalist Libya Libyan Green, Dr. Hamza Touhami is on TV tonight inchaelah The Rai.
The event is tonight Sunday, October 9th, 2011 at 22h hours of Syria (21h hours of Algeria, 22h French time).
Dr. Hamza is a motor drive Touhami to support the resistance fighters in Sirte, Libya, in Bani Walid to fight so fiercely to defend their two cities. The doctor's words will be anti-aircraft bullets to clear all those traitors who sold their country for a tab Dobara.
Mabrouk Mabrouk Alina and Libya ...

Victorious Resistance In Sebha

Beni Walid mercenary captured by the Resistance

Cruel and miserable bombing of NATO in Zentan

Melee continue in Sirte 9.10.11

Criminal Bombing of Sirte with tank shells and missiles

Critics humanitarian situation in Sirte

NATO and the rebels LOOTING distruction, a university in "Brack" south

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