Montag, 3. März 2014

8 h ago: "SOS!!! Armed EuroMaidan-#Nazi-Mercs surrounded #Odessa Administration!" - #AntiMaidan #UkrainianRevolution


by Konstantin Sheglikov, free eastern Ukraine

Currently regional administration of Odessa region, in the capital city Odessa was surrounded by armed gunmen from the fascists Pravy sector. The building from inside was closed by old people , women, and a small group of young people.
There were gathered all herds of Bandera followers
To the area many buses have already arrived with armed thugs led by Sasha Belyi. Local people calls everyone from Odessa come and fight against fascists invaders.
Sasha Belyi is leader of fascists Pravy Sector at western Ukraine. He became known by videos about his threats to local MP's in city Rivne and beating of prosecutor in same city.

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