Montag, 3. März 2014

Attention! #Conspiracy of #NATO regimes and fascist Junta in #Kiev to start #war between #Ukraine and #Russia - #EU #US #EuroMaidan #Nazis #AntiMaidan

by Konstantin Sheglikov, free eastern Ukraine

Regimes of EU and USA prepare in this night provocation against Ukrainian military by agree of fascists junta. It could happen in early morning of 4th March in Ukraine, afternoon of 3rd March in USA.

All publications about the ultimatum , which was allegedly given by the Russian Black Sea Fleet Commander to Ukrainian units stationed in Crimea were spread by Ukrainian media which quoted the Facebook pages of some unknown “representatives” of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in Crimea. For example they quoted Vladislav Seleznevц
and Dmitry Timchukтимчук

They and other propagandists of the fascist junta also spreading misinformation about the Ukrainian units that support the fascist junta. They are also lying about Russian soldiers allegedly forcing residents of Crimea to go to pro-Russian rallies. These people are part of a massive propaganda campaign created and managed from the EU and the U.S..

Lies about the ultimatum were the first step for the pre-planned blood provocation.The next step for the regimes of the EU and the U.S. is multiple attacks against the Ukrainian units by men in military uniform without insignia . Read the following important information :

From reliable sources in Kiev it became known that foreign military advisers proposed new provocations against the Ukrainian troops to the puppet regime in Kiev.They proposed organizing a night attack on a unit with a lot of victims and blaming the Russian special forces for that attack. The Ukrainian fascist junta has agreed. "

Regimes of EU and USA sent mercenaries for this plan to Ukraine:

"Reported from the occupied Ukraine (occupied by the fascist junta): the current junta (or someone else) has decided that its fascist paramilitaries are inadequate. As a result, new charter flights started arriving abroad with muscular Hulks working for 'Greystone Limited', registered in Barbados. This company is no other than a division of Blackwater USA, (XE services). They are arriving with military bags. As a whole, some 300 people of this kind so far."

So, masters of fascists junta have mercenaries for their plan to burn civil war in Ukraine and military conflict between part of Ukraine and Russia.

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