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#DmitryYarosh, puppet of #US & #EU, urges another puppet #DokkaUmarov to start a war of terror in #Russia. - #EuroMaidan #AntiMaidan

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In the photo you can see how fascists from Ukraine, joined by some thugs from Al-Qaeda, shed blood together in Chechnya. Massacres of whole families, kidnappings, torture, brutal executions, etc. Taken together these actions make the thugs Dmitry Yarosh and Dokka Umarov guilty of war crimes.

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Free Eastern Ukraine

Publication in an official page of the fascist organization "Pravy Sector": "


Appeal of Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of "Pravy Sector", to Dokka Umarov:

"Ukrainian people and the peoples of the Caucasus united and have shed blood together. A lot of Ukrainians in arms supported the liberation struggle of the Chechen and other Caucasian peoples. Now is the time to support Ukraine!

As the leader of the "Pravy Sector", I urge you to intensify its fight. Russia is not as strong as it seems. You now have a unique chance to win. Take advantage of this opportunity!"

Recently, Dmitry Yarosh has become a candidate for the post of Director of the Security Service of the fascist regime in Ukraine. U.S. and EU would give this powerful unit of the government to the most aggressive of the militants. Government positions given to these militants enable them to torture and punish dissent with impunity. This block includes the army, the security service and the police.

In Libya, these positions are held by members of al-Qaeda. In Ukraine it is the most aggressive fascist umbrella organization "Pravy sector" to hold these positions. In the ranks of "Pravy sector" are also included foreign fighters.

Dmitry Yarosh, one puppet of U.S. and EU, urges another puppet Dokka Umarov to start a war of terror in Russia. This is the "democracy and peace" that NATO brings with them.

Link to publication of Dmitry Yarosh in the wall of Pravy sector.
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