Montag, 24. März 2014

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I ) Rally against NATO and EU, Kiev' against junta and pro-Russia in Odessa today








II) Protesters in Spain support Crimea and Antifascist Struggle in Ukrainie

III) Will of the people - Ukrainian Village decides to be part of Russia by moving the Border Checkpoints

Residents of the village "Strelkovoe" , a village in the Kherson region , near the border of the Crimea, on the coast of the Azov Sea, decided their fate without referendum. They just drag the boundary pillars along with Ukrainian checkpoint in the outskirts of the village, to be within the Russian Federation.
This act of the villagers do not have legal force, but this action shows the desire of people in other regions of Ukraine to be part of Russia .
This is another proof about lies EU and the U.S. mainstream media, media lying that the desire of people to live in Ukraine. Multi-ethnic people do not want to live in the failed nationalist flawed state "Ukraine", they want to return to Russia .

Soldiers from Crimea in Ukraine are hostages for a ransom.

In the Ukrainian army, outside of Crimea, serve about 1500 Crimeans. Now they have become hostages of the Nazis which came to power in Kiev. The mothers and the wives of the soldiers report that the commanders of the Ukrainian units are demanding a ransom from 700 to 1500grn (from 90 to 190 U.S. dollars) per each soldier, for the permission to transfer their service to Crimea.
Also they require a ransom from those soldiers who have already finished their military service and were going to leave. At the same time the soldiers are not given food and are in the worst conditions. The Crimean government is negotiating with the commanders of the military units and have begun returning the Crimean soldiers home.
This situation is a reflection of the chaos and criminality in Ukraine. "Revolutionary" gangs terrorize businessmen and force them to pay tribute.

That's the kind of democracy that EU and the U.S. brought to Ukraine - the same that the U.S. and EU brought to Libya and several other countries.

By Crimean TV report

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