Sonntag, 9. März 2014

[Update] #Ukraine - #Rallies against the Junta of #Coup #Nazis in #Kiev - #EuroMaidan #Antimaidan #Crimea #UkrainianRevolution

by Konstantin Sheglikov, free eastern Ukraine

Today , March 9 , in all cities of the south- east of Ukraine there have been rallies against the fascist junta .


Residents of the city Lugansk, capital of Lugansk region on today's meeting accepted the resignation of the governor appointed by the fascist junta and chose their own governor. Local police joined the people in Lugansk and will not interfere the actions of the protesters. State regional administration building was taken by the protesters. People taking steps to protect the building and the people's governor from grabbing by gangs of fascist junta. People are planning to do a referendum about accession to Russia .

In the photo regional state building during storm by local people.
Dozens of thousands took part in today's demonstration in the Lugansk.


The city Donetsk, capital of Donetsky Region, east- south of Ukraine, today 9th March.
Dozens of thousands of residents of Donetsky region came to the largest square in Europe in order to demonstrate their will.
They confirmed that their governor is Pavel Gubarev. Fascists junta from Kiev made oligarch Sergei Taratuta governor of region.
Sergei Taratuta, assisted by a corrupt judge, banned the local people from going into the streets today, but the people ignored the ban. This is real revolution in the Ukraine.



Demonstration in support of the referendum about join to Russia. In area you can to see flags of the republic Crimea and flags of Russia.
The city Simferopol, capital of Crimea, today 9 March, square of Lenin (central square of Simferopol). 


City Zaporozhye is capital of Zaporozhye region in the central-sout of Ukraine.
Number of people not big, people got many threats from fascists.
Leader of anti-fascists movement of the city Vladimir Rogov was kidnapped.

The city Zaporozhye today, 9th March.


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