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#Ukraine / #Crimea - Information war: One of many false accounts of fake-Crimeans caught. - #Libya #Syria #SocialMedia #Infowars #Manipulation #MSM

#NeoNazicoup #Faсtistcoup #Ukraine #ProEUNazi #ProEUFactists

by Konstantin Sheglikov, free eastern Ukraine

From the first "nonviolent revolutions" spread by the technique of Gene Sharp all in internet and media activists, journalists and citizens of the world heard about dozens of fake accounts made by one "revolutionary" in social networks.
Also we heard that cyber-armies of the USA and EU are involved in this.
The goal of such people using multiply accounts is to create the illusion of a large number of supporters and participants of the revolution in the targeted country.
These people do not necessarily write comments , or put Like, or distribute something in the social networks by their own hands .
These things can be done by special programs (robots, "bots") , they helped one person to control dozens of accounts in different social networks.
It is used by mainstream media of EU and the U.S. to suppress the opposing voices of readers by a sea of positive comments from such robots.
Very often these fake accounts are created for the other countries by people who don't know the local language and end up getting into a mess.
Below the photograph is an example .
This is a scanned copy of the comment of a bot, probably made in Youtube .
This comment referred to the referendum in the Crimea.
The program's objective was to write a comment against referendum on behalf of a resident of the Crimea. Read the text below to see what came of it.
First, I posted the text from the picture in the original language , so that you can translate it yourself and check me out :

"Дмитрий Какеготам - 42 минуты назад

Поверьте!!! Я сама Крымчанка, живу тут 50 лет. Дочь офицера. Просто поверьте,- у нас не все так однозначно... Никто не хочет отделения!!!"

"Dmitry Kakegotam - 42 minutes ago

Believe!!! I myself Crimean, living here for 50 years. Daughter of an officer. Just believe - we have not so simple [situation]... Nobody wants separation!!!"
Firstly Дмитрий (Dmitry) is a male name.The surname "Какеготам" is not a surname at all. Secondly the word "Крымчанка" is female only, but a male wrote: "Крымчанин". So, thirdly a male with the name Dmitry couldn't be a "daughter". Last note: US/EU bot uses the concept "daughter of an officer" because 'officer' here is symbol of honor and dignity. So, they play on our emotions and spirits.
By last poll 80 % of Crimean support idea to join to Russia.
Clearly the media were lying about 50 % of Crimeans wanting to live with the fascists junta, "new government of Ukraine". Thousands of fake accounts create this illusion in social networks. Some of them made funny mistake like this one.
But this is serious subject. Using false media reports, fake videos and fake revolutionaries in social networks NATO destroyed and occupied Libya, and is still trying to do the same with Syria.
Now these insane people want to establish a puppet fascists junta in whole Ukraine.

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