Montag, 10. März 2014

#Kharkov's generosity: Eggs for #Klitchko - #Ukraine #EuroMaidan #AntiMaidan #Udar #Russia #US #EU #NATO

Today, 10th March, in the City of Kharkov, Vitali Klitschko
was pelted with eggs and some firecrackers.
by Konstantin Sheglikov, free eastern Ukraine

Klitschko met in Kharkov with members of UDAR, the political party of which Klitschko is the leader. During this meeting, which was to be be held secretly, as the UDAR Nazis and Klitschko were afraid of the people they had betrayed and humiliated, several hundreds of angry citizens of Kharkov, with posters from yesterday's rally in Kharkov, came to express their outrage about Vitali Klitschko, the EU and US puppet.

During the time the meeting was held, most citizens of Kharkov could not be present because of work, and this time was chosen because Klitschko was afraid to appear in public, as he was afraid in Donetsk yesterday.

Representatives of the fascist junta are persona non grata in Kharkov. This video was recorded by a representative of Klitschko's UDAR party.

It is very funny to hear an assistant of Klitschko demanding that the police arrest the angry citizens of Kharkov, while one month ago in Kiev, members of the fascist junta called to kill police officers and persecute their families.


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