Dienstag, 4. März 2014

#Ukraine #Italy - Watch how mainstream media #lie to you. - #EuroMaidan #EU #US #AntiMaidan #MSM #Crimea #Kharkov

by Kontantin Sheglikov, free eastern Ukraine

It is example how Your mainstream media lying to you all.

In italian newspaper was published photo from city Kharkov, capital of Kharkov region, as photo from Crimea. This photo show Kharkiv regional administration during release of city administration building from Ukrainian fascists. It happened at Sunday, 2nd March. In right side of photo you can see the tablet with name of the institution, this piece of photo has been increased. You can to see next words in Ukrainian language: (translation in brackets)

Украiна (Ukraine)
ХАРЬКIВСЬКА (Kharkiv or Kharkov)
МIСЬКА РАДА (city parliament)
Name of article in italian newspaper - "Crimea in chaos".
So, mainstream media using ignorance of people spread lie about situation in Ukraine.


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