Dienstag, 11. März 2014

#Ukraine #Crimea - Conspiracy, possible #FalseFlag Op of #Kiev Junta foiled by crimean authorities - #EuroMaidan #AntiMaidan #Russia #EU #US

Konstantin Sheglikov / Crimean news agency Novoross.info:

"A Crimean self-defense paramilitary unit formed by Crimean Tatars, caught, in the district "Svoboda" of Simferopol, a suspicious car with three men in uniform, who had weapons and many Crimean passports.
As reported at the headquarters of the "Crimean Front" movement, in the car (A "Lada," 10th model, number VN6484AP (Sumy region - Ed.)) were a Ukrainian officer and two men in camouflage uniforms. They seized the gun and the passports. It turned out that the officer was serving in a military base near village Perevalnoe .

The detainee officer was transferred to the military self-defense force's headquarters, and two unidentified persons in camouflage were sent to the nearby police station.
In the "Crimean front" it was noted that villagers adjacent to the village of Perevalnoe complained of unknown persons in camouflage uniforms who came into their houses and demanded the villagers' passports."

In addition to news about the fascists who took the passports of Crimean people and destroyed them or ran off with them. The fascist junta is trying to prevent Crimeans from coming to a referendum and joining Russia by any means.
Also, this news is a good illustration that Crimean Tatars are in mass support of the idea of joining Russia. Only 18% of them are against it. Crimean Tatars are 12 % of the population in Crimea.

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