Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

#EU #EuroMaidan #Nazis beat to death one and burned alive another member of #PartyOfRegions in office of party in #Kiev. - #Ukraine #US #NATO

By Antiimperialistische Aktion Facebook Page

Kiev, Ukraine, 18.02.2014

The pro-EU Nazis/fascists beat to death member of party of Regions
Also they beat and burned alive a Party of Regions member.
They were in the building during the storming by fascists of Euromaidan. The Nazis set fire to the building of the Party of Regions and did not let the Regions Party member out.
At the moment, bio of victims are unknown.
The Party of Regions is the ruling party of Ukraine, president Yanukovitch is the leader of this party. So, the same as in Libya and Syria gangs, fascists gangs in Ukraine supplied by EU and USA, throw fear at the population by the execution of a citizen who supports the legitime government.

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