Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014

#Ukraine - MP #Moskal: Ppl chanting #Maidan Slogans R looting city & raping women - #EuroMaidan #Nazis #Coup #Syria #Libya

Translation by Brian Souter

Batkivshina Party parliament deputy Gennady Moskal says that there is high activitiy of armed gangs, who are committing robbery and looting hiding behind Maidan slogans.

This information was reported by Moskal’s press-service.

According to the MP’s information the armed mob call themselves “centurios” of Eurmaidan or other public organizations, which took part in the revolution.

“However, their actions today are no different and sometimes are even worse than what the previous regime was doing. I demand that the acting Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov immediately take measures to protect Ukrainian citizens from the outrage of armed criminals” Moskal said.

According to his information, 31st and 33rd Euromaidan self-defense centuries are the most obnoxious of all.

“Sasha Bunker is the head of the 31st century, and 33rd century is armed with 10 AK rifles. Besides that an unknown organization called UPA Specnaz emerged, which is armed with almost 20 sawn-off shotguns and 9 AK rifles.” Moslak states.

He also informs that one of the active units of 31st and 33rd centuries is moving around using AA 0019 VR number plate.

“At night these people initiate shooting in towns, their behavior is obnoxious and inadequate. During the whole day I have been receiving constant calls from people from different parts of the country, who were asking for one thing only – save them from these armed criminals. That’s because the law enforcement authorities, whose responsibility is to protect the law and order, do not react to the victims’ calls and don’t send any investigation groups out” Moskal said.

Moskal also told that people armed with firearms like AK rifles, pistols, grenades and sawn-off shotguns attack residential properties of the former officials, who are no longer respected.

“Hiding behind the revolutionary slogans these groups are robbing abandoned houses, embezzle jewelry and valuable items, together with alcohol, which they drink right on the spot, after which they start shooting, set the buildings on fire using Molotov cocktails and even rape women and girls, who have not managed to escape” Moskal asserted.

He also informed that these groups of masked men with bates, firearms and cold steel arms are freely moving around Kiev and other regions of Ukraine.

“They have tried stopping the airport, started intimidating the passengers demanding money – supposedly to support the revolution” Moskal noted.

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