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#Ukraine: Eyewitnesses tell about the horrific crimes committed by #US-#EU-#Euromaidan-#Nazis - #Russia #Putin

#NeoNazicoup #Faсtistcoup #Ukraine #ProEUNazi #ProEUFactists

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Ukraine

Regimes of USA and EU launch syrian/libyan scenario in Ukraine.
They created fascists who hate others people.
Please read report of eyewitness:

"Ukrainian massacres: witness recount

On Feb.20th eight buses with the legitimate government's supporters from the Crimea were heading back home. Near Korsun, Cherkassy region, the buses were ambushed by fascists.

Ekaterina Solodilova was in one of the buses.

Last Monday we left Simferopol at around 5PM and arrived in Kiev at 7 AM. We stopped in Mariinskiy park for peaceful rally. There were people of all ages among us, until 11 AM that day all was quite, we were just standing there holding the flags. All of the sudden a huge crowed carrying flags of Ukraine, EU, nationalists Bandera groups and Tatars. They started singing their songs and shout at us that we are in the wrong place and standing on the wrong side. Then they threw a Molotov bomb at us.

- Did they throw Molotov cocktails at YOU?!

- Yes, at us. As well as stung grenades, fireworks, sprayed pepper spray. We got separated from them by Berkut police. The Berkut police started burning from the exploding bottles of petrol mix. We called for ambulance, but the crowed wouldn't let them through. The infuriated thugs shouted "you are such a scum , you do not deserve to be treated".
Five rows of Berkut police stood between us and the crowed. We didn't have anything [to defend ourselves] except for tree branches. That aggressive crowed had weapons. People from our side and Berkut police suffered from gas spray. Many of the injured were smuggled out to the ambulances with sever head injuries. Then they started shooting at us from the other side. I saw 5 people gunned down.
From the stung grenades I saw people's skin torn from eye to eye. The extremists with knives were cutting ears off our people. My God, I can't find words to tell you what was happening.

- How did Berkut act?
- Berkut were defending people. That aggressive crowed had fire arms and the Berkut policemen- only pump guns, and only one per each hundred officers. What could they do? The thugs were swinging Molotovs at us, but thanks God, they put them out straight away. I found unexploded firework with tacks taped around it.

The Ukrainian media showed that we, the Crimeans, attacked "those" who carried red and black Bandera flags. This is not true!! How could we have attacked them if we had nothing to defend ourselves. We had to break the benches and use the bio-toilets' door for the shields.

- What happened on the way home?
- On Feb.20 we were on the way back to the Crimea on Kiev-Odessa road. There was trap laid by the armed thugs. They were burning tyres. Our bus column had to change the root several times to avoid militants road blocks, when we approached Korsun it all started.

- What started then?

- There were around 1,500 of extremists. They were masked, armed with baseball bats and Molotovs.

- How did they manage to stop the bus column?

- The first bus was set on fire with Molotovs that's how they stopped the rest of the column. Later that bus burned to ashes. Out of 8 buses only 2 survived. There were Afghan war veterans and Cossacks in the first bus. They got off and tried to defend us. They couldn't push the extremists back, 5 people got shot right away.

- Did you see this?

- I didn't see but later heard from the people who were there. I saw other deaths. They started forcing people off the buses, hands behind their heads, forced them to kneel and sing national anthem. Those who were not singing loud enough got beaten with the baseball bats. Some were stripped naked and made run around naked at the gum point. If someone was moving not fast enough they got beaten.

- Did they strip women as well?

No, they didn't touch women. Women were kneeling begging for mercy. We were begging them. They cursed at us, insulted and threaten with all sorts of tortures. I saw our bus driver got shot in the head with hunting rifle, another man had his hand blown off. One man got shot with hunting rifle right in front of me.

- What were they saying?

-They were shouting: " You are nations traitors! Who are you supporting? We are the people!" There were women among the nazis who were beating up our guys. They were yelling: " You, Crimeans, are the scum of the nation!". Then they searched the busses, turned our belongings upside down, threw them out the windows and burnt them. They took my nicknacks like perfume, phone charger and little cash I had. Some of our guys they urinated on, beat them with helmets, bats and metal pipes. They were threatening us all the time: "Don't come back to Ukraine again! We will come to the Crimea soon ourselves- just wait!"
- How long did it last?
- Between 4pm and 11 PM. We called the police, they came but left saying "We don't wish to deal with the crimeans" and left.

- What happened to the bodies of those they killed?

- They told us they were going to burry them at the nearby dumpster. Later the
local people who brought us water confirmed it.
- How did you manage to get home?
- We got saved by the Crimean Berkut returning home the same way. They got stopped as well and traded us for their ammunition. That's how we survived.

I am asking myself: why they hate us so much? Who will punish them for their crimes? These people have gone mad and feel their impunity. What are you doing these days to Ukraine?"

In photo you see one of many humiliations commit by fascists and local brainwashed haters. They forced this young man and many others later to collect the broken glass with bare hands and refer to the luggage compartment of the bus and into the pockets of jackets.
The Nazis themselves recorded videos of their assault, harassments and bullying and posted it to YouTube
Watch a videos of the attack the Nazis, which you have just read.
I remind you, these videos were shot by the Nazis for their own pleasure.

Title: Cherkasy, daytime duty at the dam. February 21
In this video you can to see illegal armed gangs from western Ukraine with some local citizens make the checkpoint on the highway. You see also stones and Molotov cocktails in bottles.
They hunt on people who came back from Kiev, from anti-fascists rally. Another fascists from Kiev gave them information. This action was preplanned as punitive action of people from East and South parts of Ukraine. Because fascists know time and how must look buses, i think NATO gave to their heads in Kiev information from satellites. They also hunt all cars, tracks and buses which they don't like, it is ordinary armed robbing.

Titushki" - fascists use this term to all people, who are against fascists coup in Ukraine. It was created for dehumanizing and demonizing opponents of the fascists. Fascists can do anything with the people, whom they call titushki. Fascists accused "titushki" in all the crimes that the Fascists committed themselves. These techniques have been used in Libya and Syria. Journalists who spread lies about titushki, responsible for the crimes of the Ukrainian Nazis, as accomplices.

Detention of titushki from the Crimea in the city Korsun-Shevchenko, Cherkasy region.
In text below eyewitness told about this case

Title: Titushki were forced to sing the anthem of Ukraine, town Smel, Cherkasy region

Title: Residents of Korsun-Shevchenko district burned three buses with titushki [Cherkasy region].

Title: Capture of buses with titishki from Odessa. Cherkasy region Zvedigorodka


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