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New phase from scenario of Arab spring launched in #Ukraine - #EuroMaidan #EU #US #Nazis #Terrorism

#Ukrainianrats #NeoNazicoup #Faсtistcoup #Euromaidan #Ukraine #ProEUNazi #ProEUFactists #KIev

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Ukraine

Thugs from Ukrainian nationalist organizations arrange illegal checkpoints in the western regions of Ukraine, in the central regions of Ukraine and in the Kiev region. They randomly stop any vehicle and inspect them, and also check the documents of people.
They're looking for members of the Party of Regions, they have lists with the names of the members of the Party of Regions. Fascists do not allow them to leave the captured cities, it is obvious that in the future these fascists are going to execute them, accusing members of Party of Regions and other people for the crimes that the Nazis themselves have committed.

It is painful to watch while girls and women are ill used at these checkpoints. Fascists deliberately use them as shields at the checkpoints . Girls can be killed by their fellow thugs, shot in the back in order to present them as a victims of " titushek ", ie. opponents of fascists.
Most girls and women standing at checkpoints came from the fascist western Ukraine, but some there are local. They were brainwashed by the propaganda of local media that supports the fascist coup. So indoctrinated they will look calmly at the beating or killing of other people.

About the photos and video in this post: on the road from Kiev a checkpoint was established by gangs of the fascists and also some local people. They halted a bus of riot police "Berkut". They threw on the road a metal 'hedgehog', which pierced the wheels of the bus. The bus driver lost control and had to stop. Not less than one hundred thugs attacked the damaged bus. The police had the right to open fire, but they only fired warning shots in the air, because they did not want to injure or kill. Some of the fascist militants threw a stun grenade at the feet of of a local man that wounded him. Angry crowds rushed to the bus to smash its windows and tried to beat the police. When the police-commander tried to talk to the people, he was severely beaten also on his head. He lost consciousness and an ambulance - that apparently was called by one of the women of the checkpoint - took him. Police were forced to retreat in a hurry out of the bus, leaving personal belongings and a part of the ammo for the bandits. As you can see in the pictures the bus was broken and the personal belongings were scattered by the thugs as they looked for money and valuables. Numerous eyewitnesses said that from the beginning of fascist coup, from November 2013 , the Nazis plundered even their wounded or dead comrades or competitors from other fascist groups.

Girl reporter from fascist Ukrainian channel "1 +1" , "TSN " is it's unit, not even condemned the looting by Nazi. She calmly said with a smile about the documents and personal belongings even underwear that has been thrown out by the Nazis from the bags on the road. Self-zombification so strong damaged brains of such people. Journalists come up with the myth that " revolutionaries fascists" are "lovely people" , and those who oppose them are not people at all, so fascists can to do what want to do.

Police build defense order, in the territory local flower farm. Local police seeking their bus so they could leave.
I hope they could leave without problems.

Till today there were several reports that at different points trails leading from Kiev , huge in size fascist gang gunmen hunted small columns of buses with eagles . Fascists of Euromaidan staged a manhunt , fascist militants used machines , guns, Molotov cocktails, bats,etc . Obviously, somebody received information about the movements of buses with police and gave instructions . It is likely that, as in Libya and Syria , agents of the U.S. and the EU using spy satellites to give the necessary information fascists.

Criminal regimes the U.S., EU and Israel need a civil war in Ukraine.

They gave the orders to their fighters to arrange illegal checkpoints ahd to carry out attacks and provocations . Fascist gangs must transform the life of ordinary citizens into a nightmare, so later occupants from NATO could come as "peacekeepers" .

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