Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

#Ukraine: #US Embassador #GeoffreyPyatt on his Way 2 #Euromaidan 2 protec...

by Konstantin Sheglikov

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine personally went to Euromaidan to protect terrorists this night. He was seen at the crossroads , where he sent are many cars to the direction of Euromaidan, then he jumped into a black Cadillac of U.S. Embassy and drove toward Euromaidan . He admitted this in his post on Twitter. Because the presence of terrorists from Syria in Euromaidan is proven , then the U.S. ambassador can be considered an accomplice of terrorists and fascists , accomplice of their crimes . On the photo you can see a frame shot a video about the U.S. ambassador at the crossroads late at night.

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