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Members of the so-called spontaneous protests ( #Euromaidan) use special tools of #SpecialServices - #Ukraine #Kiev #Nazis #NATO #EU #US

#Ukrainianrats #NeoNazicoup #Faсtistcoup #Euromaidan #Ukraine #ProEUNazi #ProEUFactists #KIev

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Ukraine

Further evidence of an escape fascist coup by regimes of the EU and the U.S. in particular intelligence agencies of the EU and the USA in Ukraine. The video of the attack on the office of Party of Regions in Kiev a man was seen with a special device for the transmission of information, which is used only by employees of special services. 

This man, a Ukrainian, judging by his accent was from western Ukraine, as the vast majority of so-called peaceful protesters are in center of Kiev. This man was trained by secret service of NATO to use it and how to control the crowd of fascists. Obey of fascists of his commands can be seen in the video. Obvious that each group had a same commander who received instructions and coordinated actions of the Nazis.

Fascists of Euromaidan are organized. They are divided first into large groups - called "sotnya", each from 80 to 120 people. Within this grouping there are divisions into "chata", from 30 to 40 people and then "roy", of 8 to 12 people. These divisions and titles of troops were the same as used by Ukrainian fascists during WW2. In addition there is a type of group created by members belonging to some area of Ukraine and/or belonging to their parties or organizations .
These people have been receiving training for the last 5 years or more. They participated in the NATO color revolutions, including the "Arab Spring". 

Today's events in Kiev are not the spontaneous action of so-called peaceful protesters , as the lying media of NATO countries and the Ukrainian media supporting the Nazis call them.
These are the regular pre-planned militarized actions of the Nazis on their way to power.

The photo shot from a video of the storming of the party office Regions in Kiev. On it you will see the man in command. On his ear is a special device for the security services.
Video about storm of office of party of Regions.

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