Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

Wave of #Crime, #Terror, #Violence and #Murder by #EU's #EuroMaidan #Nazis in #Kiev continues - #Ukraine #US #Russia #NATO #Syria #Libya

18.02.2014 Kiev, Ukraine

As was expected Neo-Nazi (Ukrainian fascists) attacked again.

They received amnesty and the release of all thugs from prisons, then pro-EU Nazi went to a new attack today. Their masters, the regimes of the EU and the U.S. gave them the task to capture the Parliament of Ukraine. This is a maximum task for fascists, the minimum task for the Nazis to kill or injure police officers with firearms and kill or injure by firearms their comrades in the crowd. They want to provoke a police response, then to accuse police of violence and killings of "peaceful" fascists.

In the picture you see shot of live television broadcast from the center of Kiev, footage shows one of the protesters using firearms - a pistol. 

EU and U.S. regimes have long prepared massacres and executions of civilians in western Ukraine. Such tactics they used in cities of eastern Libya, in the Syrian Homs and Aleppo. They need a violent clashes in the center of Kiev, in order to legitimise the pogroms in western Ukraine. The Nazis got long lists and addresses of residents of Western Ukraine, whom they can rob and kill. Most part of victims are from members of Party of Regions. They are waiting for the command of their superiors, those waiting for commands from the security agents of the EU and the U.S.

In the ES/US mainstream media as usual will be blame unknown people or mercenaries of Yanukovych. Fascists participants of pogroms in the chamber of the Western media will lie that they are victims or witnesses of massacres and pogroms. Everything will happen on same scenario which was used in Libya, Syria and other countries.

"During a live television broadcast from the center of Kiev, footage shows one of the protesters using firearms - a pistol. "

I want to remind people, that the so called 'peaceful protesters' have already used rifles against their own members, in order to create "sacred victims", a well know scenario of color revolutions and the "Arab spring".
So the fascist thug who was caught on live TV with a pistol, is only one of many 'protesters' who use firearms against the police.

"A police officer has been injured by a Molotov cocktail at the parliament building in Kiev this morning. The police are being showered with cobble stones and Molotov cocktails & the police trucks blocking the access to administrative building have been set alight. All this violence, by those who answered the opposition's call for ''peaceful attack on the government". "

Some western mainstream media and fascist bloggers have begun to show old videos about attacks of riot police on neo-Nazi (protesters). In videos you can see snow - but in Kiev after more than a week of warm weather there is no snow on streets !

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