Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

#Ukraine - Unfortunately #EuroMaidan Rats were shot by #Snipers of #EU-#US-#Nazis, not by #Government

by Kontantin Sheglikov, Ukraine

Number of idiots who believe lie of "managers of Arab spring" too big.
In link below video about shooting of "peaceful protesters", who are Nazi.
Stupid people from EU/USA believe that attackers were shoot from front, but really they were shoot from back, picture below prove it.

These people were shooting by their comrades in the back, a bullet hole in a tree proves this fact.
Snipers of NATO did it , same as in Libya, Syria and several other countries before.
For those who believe that the Nazis were shot from the front because they fell back, I suggest to watch "Mythbusters" . They showed conclusively that a bullet of a sniper rifle or machine gun does not hit man as far as they show in Hollywood. Jumping the Nazis and how they crawl after jumping is clowning, calculated on an impressionable audience. One of the Nazis, depicted wounded in the knee at 0.40 is smearing blood on his thigh at 0.56. A fake wounded Nazi kept medical bags containing blood in his pocket. These Nazis in Ukraine supported only in western Ukraine , most people will fight against them. Them in Kiev only 10,000 people, half of them are mercenaries from eastern and central Europe .

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