Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

#Ukraine - As in #Libya and #Syria before, so called peaceful protesters began loot all in captured areas. - #Euromaidan #EU #US #Nazis #Terrorism

In the photo you can see moment of storm of building of Secrete Services in city Lvov, at night of 18.02.2014

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Ukraine

Seizing of the administrative buildings in the Western Ukrainian City of Lvov (Lviv), capital of Lvovsky region has turned into massive looting. The "innocent protesters", who are members of fascists mobs having broken into the buildings of local government are taken out anything they can lay their hands on inside the buildings, stripping the cars parked nearby. 

Police has been forced out of a number of stations which are being looted now. A witness filmed the thugs taking out and loading on trucks furniture, office appliances, TVs, but was threatened with a gun if didn't stop filming. 

"Seeing that my wife and I are watching , they threatened : " Go away , or we have to shoot You right here ! " - from eyewitness.

People fear that the looting will spread into residential buildings as anarchy rises in the city where the police forces has been dispersed by insurgents and the emergency phone lines don't operate.

No doubt that in another regions of western part of Ukraine began same total loot of state, public and private property.
As in Libya, Syria and now Ukraine so called revolutionaries are just members of criminal gangs.

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