Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

#EU's #EuroMaidan #Nazis murder and destroy in #Kiev - #Ukraine #US #NATO #Syria #Libya #Russia

In picture shot from video of USA propagandist channel "Radio Svoboda Ukraine". Even this channel show violence against police by pro-EU Ukrainian fascists. Radio Svoboda, as others EU and USA continue to call fascists as peaceful protesters and people of Ukraine.

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Ukraine

Ministry of Interior woke up, I have hope that it is not just words.
Translation of statement of Ministry of Interior of Ukraine and Security Services of Ukraine:

"Extremists from the opposition side crossed the line - they kill innocent people on the streets of the capital of Ukraine, they set at naught on women, burn and blow up houses and cars. In the center of Kyiv chaos begins. Meanwhile, the leaders of the opposition coordinate these extremists on the phone giving directions for these crimes. Their the only goal - even at the cost of human blood, - to get to the power. We cannot let further escalation of the conflict. Ordinary citizens calling the authorities to restore order, to return peace and stability in Ukraine. We urge the opposition leaders immediately to head somebody off protestors and stop armed conflict, and return to the negotiating table. We warn hot-tempered, irresponsible heads of the opposition - the authorities have the power to restore the order. And we will have no choice but start a tough action if this will continue. It is necessary to give 1 hour time for the directors of this disorder. If by 6PM this violations will not stop, we would have to start acting by all means of power provided by law."


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