Montag, 24. Februar 2014

#Ukraine #Russia - People of #Sevastopol elect their own mayor for the first time in history of the city.

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by Konstatin Sheglikov, Ukraine

Yesterday evening, 24.02.2014, in the city Sevastopol, local parliament voted for new mayor, who is citizen of Russia, Alexandr Chaly. Hi was elected as mayor of Sevastopol in people's forum few days ago. Fascists regime of Ukraine wanted to put their puppet there, he was deputy of last mayor of Sevastopol. This puppet even tried to capture building of administration, he called to his masters from Ukrainian fascists regime in the Kiev. To the Sevastopol came group from Security Service and Kiev police in order to kidnap people's mayor Alexandr Chaly. People come to street by appeal of activists and they don't allow fascists servants to kidnap their mayor. People force them to leave city, later people come to police headquarters of the local police and the local prosecutor's office, they swore allegiance to the people. They do not perform criminal orders of the fascist regime in Ukraine more.
Also at evening people come to square near local Parliament, in order to support their mayor, Alexandr Chaly. Local MP's voted for him, 49 MP's from 59 voted for Alexander Chaly.
Until now, mayor of the city of Sevastopol was administered from Kiev , the city of Sevastopol during the Soviet era had a special status and ruled from Moscow. This was associated with the Soviet Black Sea Fleet , which is based there . After the collapse of the USSR Sevastopol was administered from Kiev, president decided who be mayor of this city. Now for the first time, residents of Sevastopol themselves appointed mayor of Sevastopol . Local MP's only legally formalized the appointment.

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