Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

#Ukraine - "Opposition"-PMs send young Soldiers into #Sniper Fire of #EU-#US-#Nazi-#Terrorists

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by Konstantin Sheglikov 

Today in Kiev, a few hours ago, MP's from the "opposition" (i.e. puppets of the U.S. and the EU ) used their parliamentary immunity and forced 18 - 19 years soldiers of the internal troops to withdraw from the Parliament building. Commanders of the young soldiers send them inside the building of Parliament to hide for the fires of the fascist thugs.

The troops came under direct NATO sniper fire. They were fired at with machine guns of fascist thugs from Euromaidan. These young soldiers didn't receive firearms because of the pressure of regimes from the EU and the United States at our government. These soldiers became victims of the armed fascists, about whom mainstream media lies as were they "peaceful protesters". 

Among the MPs who pushed the soldiers out were certainly women , I want to remind you that in the ranks of the Nazis during World War II, women were not less violent than men. 

The U.S. and EU puppets in Ukraine (opposition) calling in public to peace and cease-fire, meanwhile ordering fascists thugs to kill anyone who resists them. They gave orders to make pogroms in western Ukraine and Kiev to rob and kill. 

As in Libya and Syria , puppets of the U.S. and EU [opposition MPs] declare a truce when they need to bring in new thugs and weapons.
They are ready to drown in the blood of Ukraine on their path to power.

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