Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

#Ukraine - #US-#EU-#Euromaidan-#Nazis try to attack, plunder #orthodox #church - #Terrorism #Fascism #Crime

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Ukraine

In the photo you can to see one of halls of Kiev - Pechersk Lavra.

Yesterday evening, armed groups of fascists of Euromaidan attempted to seize and plunder a monument of world importance - Kiev- Pechersk Lavra and Pochaevo Lavra , these Orthodox sanctuaries were established about 9 - 10 centuries ago.
This is also the monastery, where the monks of the Russian Orthodox Church live and a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians . There are icons and objects of art, priceless for Orthodox Christians. At Sotheby's , they can be estimated in the millions and tens of millions of dollars, icons and church utelities are made of gold , silver and precious stones . Several thousand fascists smashing gates broke into the monastery.
The head of the monastery was forced to ask help from Patriarch Kirill [Russian Ortodox Church] . Further, it became known to the President of Russia, Putin, whom demanded the heads of the EU and the U.S. to stop the robbery by their fascists. Bosses of Euromaidan thugs were forced to give the order to retreat . It is version, I know exatly that head of monastery make phone call about help and after some time fascists retreat, bosses of fascists denied own words .

From an eyewitness:
" At night, the rostrum of the Maidan [ Euromaidan] announced that " the time has come to resolve the issue with the Moscowite Church and to go to the Lavra [Kiev- Pechersk Lavra] now. The speaker suggested to "his brothers " to do the same in Pochaiv [Pochaevo Lavra] " ( I quote from memory , but the gist of it is ) .
In addition, it was said that about five hundred " titushek " [ any person in Ukraine who is against fascists is titushka], "...we must take ' baseball bats..."

It happened late in the evening on February 22. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate is called 'Moscow Church by Ukrainian nationalists (fascists).
After the collapse of the Soviet Union corrupt church officials formed the Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate and began to capture temples and monasteries. This illegal and unrecognized church supports the fascist Euromaidan now, along with Catholics and Jesuits .
The whole world watched the photo of 3 monks with crosses and icons between police and fascists. These were monks from Kievs' Pechersk Lavra, the Desyatinna Church and Pochayevskaya Lavra. They are representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, i e representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church which is recognized worldwide .
At the same time, representatives of other churches supported the Nazi's of Euromaidan .
At the moment, Kiev -Pechersk Lavra, the Desyatinna Church and Pochayevskaya Lavra are again under siege . Fascists want to leave the monks without food and deprive them of the opportunity to leave the territory . This is a real blockade , created by the Nazis who came to power . Nazis trained by U.S. and EU call black white , blockade of monasteries by fascists are called security grounds. Perhaps in the coming nights there will be new attempts of assault.
Obviously, some EU officials and the U.S. were on the territory of these monasteries and churches and ordered the Nazi's to steal icons for private collections as was done with the museums and churches in other countries that were and are occupied by NATO

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