Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

#EU's #Nazis of #EuroMaidan start #Terror Campaign to hunt down political opponents - #Ukraine #US #NATO #Russia #Libya #Syria

#Ukrainianrats #NeoNazicoup #Faсtistcoup #Euromaidan #Ukraine #ProEUNazi #ProEUFactists #KIev

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Ukraine

As I wrote earlier Ukrainian fascists stormed and burned office Party of Regions in Kiev, also they could to take out the computers with information about members of party.
Ukrainian fascists beat to death one member of the party and the other was burned alive.
Fascists of Euromaidan follow orders of members from the EU and the U.S. intelligence agencies, not orders of the so-called "opposition". They got the address and photograph of members of the ruling Party of Regions and going to attack them, set fear and terror.

They began publish adresses and names of members of party of Regions.

The Party of Regions is the ruling party of Ukraine, president Yanukovitch is the leader of this party. So, the same as in Libya and Syria gangs, fascists gangs in Ukraine supplied by EU and USA, throw fear at the population by the execution of a citizen who supports the legitime government.

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