Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

#Ukraine: Pro-#EU fascists take out a dead body in the package from the Palace of #TradeUnions they had captured

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Ukraine

This is a shot from a video in which Ukrainian fascists were caught bringing the dead body out of the captured Trade Union Palace in Kiev . It happened this afternoon 02/16/2014 , the irony is that the journalist, who made this video, is from the propaganda media of Ukrainian fascists - "Hromadske TV".

Ukrainian pro-EU fascists take out a dead body in the package from the Palace of Trade Unions they had captured. Kiev, 16.02.2014.
This media was made by the U.S. media standards and lied by US mainstream media standards. Most of the videos justify fascist thugs , fake videos of “crimes of the riot police” were created by this media.
As in Libya and Syria , the Nazis banned journalist to record and refused to comment this fact . They obstructed the work of the journalist's own propagandist channel which turned up at the “wrong time” in this place. Some people cover their face , defending themselves from the stench of a corpse.
It is obvious that he died long ago and began to rot , it is one of the victims of the torture rooms of Euromaidan.
I want to remind you that from the beginning of December, when the building was seized by the Nazis , they used some rooms for torture. They could brutally beat up a person even at the entrance of the building. Women and children from the Western Ukraine were poisoned by hatred to those who does not support them . Therefore, they can quietly observe the beating and lynching , Earlies I published pictures of a public lynching . They beat each other even during a struggle for cash and valuables stolen among different fascists organizations and criminal gangs of Euromaidan .
It is known that the bodies of dead or unconscious people were seen taken by fascists to the forest outside of Kiev. There is no doubt that a body had lain for a long time in the building, as was evident from the smell of decomposition. Fascists, before leaving the building, destroyed the traces of their crimes and carried the body out of the building packed in a bag.
As did the "revolutionaries " in Libya and Syria, Ukrainian fascists would certainly accuse the current government of Ukraine and the police for this death. They would have put the body into the woods, and later they themselves would come to this place and present the body as a victim of the police.
They have already done the same thing here; it was about a month ago. A person taken by force from the hospital, by the name of Yuri Verbitsky, was then taken to the woods and killed. He was an activist with the group in Euromaidan. After a week "journalists" from one of the Ukrainian media allied with the fascists “found” his dead body.
I want to remind you that the regimes of the EU and the United States support having a fascist coup in Ukraine. Just as they did in Libya and Syria before, they rely on the aggressive elements of society in Ukraine, except the Nazis on Euromaidan are a lot of ordinary criminals.
Criminal gangs are even now supported by the regimes of the U.S. and the EU in Syria, with their media calling them the “moderate rebels”. In the same way criminal gangs have now become the police and the army in occupied Libya. In Ukraine, criminal gangs which have been involved in Euromaidan, wish to become part of a new government in order to rob and kill with impunity.
No wonder that the criminal gangs around the world have found common language with the EU and U.S. regimes.
In a still photo taken from a video you see members of Euromaidan emerging with a body from the Palace of Trade Unions. They are about to transfer the body to a car.

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