Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

#Ukraine: #EuroMaiden-#Nazis hunt & beat up citizens of #Kiev who #Oppose #EU-#Fascists

by Kontantin Sheglikov

#Ukrainianrats #NeoNazicoup #Faсtistcoup #Euromaidan #Ukraine #ProEUNazi #ProEUFactists

Today afternoon, Neo-Nazi (fascists) from Euromaidan attacked and beat up citizens of Kiev. These citizens came to another protest against the neo-Nazi camp in the center of Kiev.
Citizen of Kiev (including women and the elderly: families) wanted to speak with members of Euromaidan. They wanted to ask members of Euromaidan to take the barricade down in the central street of Kiev and let families walk freely as they did before the fascist coup in Ukraine.
In response, members Euromaidan insulted the residents of Kiev, and then attacked them. They used bats and iron pipes to beat them as well as their punching and kicking. They splashed paint and cans of tear gas into the eyes and faces of the women and beat their husbands, who were trying to protect their women. Fascists of Euromaidan attacked in groups of 5 to 10 people per victim. Those that had fallen they kept beating anyway.

Fascists of Euromaidan smashed picture and video cameras of the most active participants of the citizen's protest; and occasionally the people holding the cameras. In the photo you seeing a frame taken from video shot after the attack of the Nazis . Two persons shown with battered faces are men who tried to protect their wives. Their wives are crying nearby, you will hear their voices and see them in the video.
Watch these videos where you can see the attacks and the beating of peaceful unarmed people. The Fascists from Euromaidan are the ones dressed in camouflage, masks and helmets. And they are armed. These videos can speak for themselves for now and no translation is needed, but we will be adding a more detailed report soon. Six people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Link to a video of two victims of fascists attack
1st video about attack of fascists against citizen of Kiev
2st video about attack of fascists against citizen of Kiev

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