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#Ukraine - Violent infights start between different Gangs of #EuroMaidan #Terrorist #Nazis - #EU #NATO #US

#Ukrainianrats #NeoNazicoup #Faсtistcoup #Euromaidan #Ukraine #ProEUNazi #ProEUFactists #KIev

 by Konstantin Sheglikov, Ukraine

21 Febraury 2014, Afternoon On Independence square [Euromaidan] members of the right wing and fascist organizations UNA -UNSO "Right sector", "Warriors of Narnia" and "The Vikings" grappled with members of the fascist party "Svoboda" and "Samooborona Maidan". The number of thugs on both sides were about equal.

After the formal signing of the ceasefire agreement between the 3 leaders of the opposition parties and the president, a massive brawl began in "Euromaidan". Representatives of ultra-radical organizations, in particular the UNA -UNSO "Pravy sector", "Warriors of Narnia" and "The Vikings" began trying to march from the Euromaidan to the Parliament of Ukraine .
Members of the fascist party "Svoboda" and members of "Samooborona Maidan", that belong to "Svoboda" try stop them.

Representatives of the fascist party "Svoboda" received huge sums of money from their sponsors in the U.S., EU and Ukrainian foreign diasporas .They are receiving about $10 million weekly. Besides this, members of the party "Svoboda" robbed all the buildings they had seized.

For example, in the museum “Ukrainian House” they looted the halls that displayed gold and silver utensils and other artistic and historical items of value. However, the other Nazi groups did not get anything. The opposition, including the fascist party "Svoboda”, who are the American puppets, have become the authorities. The remaining fascist gangs are no longer necessary .

The fascist gangs “UNA-UNSO”, "Pravy sector", "Warriors of Narnia" and "The Vikings" will not go to rob people in the east and south of Ukraine, they will be beaten by locals there, as happened in January. So they want to get their place in the Ukrainian parliament, to use it in order to get some part of resources of Ukraine.

They also want to control the army and police of Ukraine. There is no doubt that if the Nazis achieve taking power in Ukraine they will deploy the army and police against protesters. Global Media and NGOs will be silent about war crimes of any future fascist regime of the Ukraine. Besides the army and police, fascist gangs that destroyed the center of Kiev will hunt down the protesters and their families.

Obviously, these gangs will become labeled “unmanageable gangs” or “unknown militant groups” . Moreover, their victims will be the families of the fascists regime only . The same thing has happened in occupied Libya since October 2011. Global media and international organizations are silent about the war crimes of the puppet regime. They are silent about mustard gas, phosphorous and cluster bombs used against the civilian population in the towns and villages of Libya.

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