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#Ukraine: #EU's #Nazis beat Frontman of a Rock Band during concert in #Lviv for refusing to chant #Fascist's Slogans - #EuroMaidan

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by Konstantin Sheglikov, Ukraine

Ukrainian fascists in the city of L'viv beat the frontman of a rock-group, because he refused to say a fascist motto.
City L'viv, capital of L'viv region, western part of Ukraine, 15.02.2014

February 15, Saturday, in the city of L'viv, Ukraine an incident occurred during a concert where Kiev’s folk metal band "Shadow of the Sun" was performing. About 20 people staged a brawl after the refusal of musicians to give an endorsement from the scene to members of neo- Nazi "Pravy sector ".
The attack on the group leader Sergei Vasilyuk was captured on video, filmed by one of the spectators.
At the end of the video a Nazi in a green sweater speaks into the microphone , stating that the band " Shadow of the Sun " has refused to say a word in support of the “nationalists”.
He said verbatim in the Ukrainian language : "Warning! E ! We are very grateful to the band " Shadow of the Sun” , which does not support the nationalists , which [band] wants to fight ..." (video breaks here ) .
According to the media about 20 people were involved in the fight, so later the other fighters from the “Pravy sector” came to the stage. The Ukrainian fascists fought with those who tried to protect the band.

L'viv city is the capital of the L'viv region in western Ukraine , home of the Ukrainian fascists. Most members of the local administration and parliament are from fascist organizations, or supportive organizations. Ukrainian fascists call themselves nationalists.
This band " Shadow of the Sun " is made up of ethnic Ukrainians , they sing in Ukrainian. This group even supports Euromaidan and nationalist views.
But when the leader of the group refused to say from the stage , what Ukrainian fascists (Nationalists) demanded of him , he was beaten .
This is the essence of fascism, they are intolerant of other people's opinions , they beat anyone for insubordination .
Type in a search engine " Lviv pogrom " and " Volyn massacre," these are the most famous war crimes of Ukrainian fascists in World War II . You then realize whom regimes of EU and U.S. support in Ukraine

Ukrainian media as usual blamed "titushek", mean mercenaries of Yanukovitch in attack. Local and global media using same trick as in Libya, Syria or any another country before. They sharing blatant lie using total ignorance of people.
On the picture you see a shot from the video. There you can see the beginning of the fight, the fascist kicked in the head group leader.

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