Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

#Feb17 2014 - 3 Years of horror, carnage and starvation in #NATO / #Qatar / #KSA occupied #Libya - #US #EU #Syria #Egypt #Ukraine #Russia

by Konstantin Sheglikov


Today, 3 years ago, 17.02.2011, NATO began first step of occupation of Libyan Jamahiriya. First step was shown as "people uprising", but Egyptian and Tunisian played role of angry Libyans. As we know now in that step took part Al-Qaeda and local criminals gangs also.

Result of this is known. Libyan Jamahiriya is occupied, 34 % of Libyan population are refugees and UN don't care. Country is destroyed and looted by members of puppet regime and this still going on. Gangs can kidnap any person at daylight.

Libyan girls and women ask right to commit suicide, because of endless tortures and rapes in prisons of puppet's regime.

These are the good examples of things , which regimes of USA and EU bring to countries under false flags of freedom and democracy.

Fuck regimes of EU and USA.

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